Web Development Services

Front-end, Backend, WordPress, & Prototyping

Front-End Development

For most our projects, we’ll use Bootstrap 3 to build the scaffolding for the web page. It’s an HTML5 & CSS3 framework used for constructing webpages. Not only that, we can construct a dynamic site using Javascript technology including popular frameworks such as ReactJS or VueJS . This is all in addition to using any jQuery libraries.

Backend Development

When do you need a specialized backend? If you’re building a web application, anything data that needs to be stored in a database will require a backend.We will architect models to store your data, and build RESTful endpoints to handle API calls to those data. Sound design patterns will ensure scalability & maintainability.

Custom WordPress

If you want a landing page or a simple website , WordPress can get the job done quickly. We will start with a base theme, then create our own CSS code to apply a custom theme. Sites will be mobile friendly, responsive, & SEO friendly .

Design Prototyping

Have an idea but not sure if you want to pursue development? We will design your vision inside Sketch , and make it come to live using InVision . Prototyping first without coding allows for faster iteration and pivoting of ideas.

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Our Process

This is how things get done around here.

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  • 2. Research

    We’ll do our homework.

  • 3. Propsoal

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  • 4. Accept Project

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