Pay Per Click (PPC) vs Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising

No two businesses are created equal, and neither should their advertising strategy be. Online advertising is complicated, specifically when it comes to investing in an appropriate strategy. Whether you’re considering Pay Per View (PPV), Pay Per Click (PPC), or Affiliate Advertising, it literally pays to know what you’re doing.

So which strategy is right for you, what are the differences between each, and what are their pros and cons?

What is Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising?

PPV stands for Pay Per View and it charges advertisers each time their page or ad is viewed. It is an advertising model based on ad impressions users actually view.

Pros: PPV provides more flexibility, a greater return on investment, and doesn’t require keywords to be effective.

Cons: Fewer advertisers, frequent pop-up ads, possible impression fraud on the account of advertisers.

When to use it: If your website isn’t suitable for Adsense, then Pay Per View Advertising may be an ideal strategy for your company.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising only charges you when someone clicks on the ads on your website, forum or blog. You never pay if someone visits your website without clicking on your ads.

Pros: User-friendly, easy to activate via AdWords, consistent earnings, streamlined management

Cons: Limited earnings, is something you could do on your own without paying high advertising fees

When to use it: If you have a small, up-in-coming website that can later be converted to Pay Per View advertising.

What is Affiliate Advertising?

Affiliate advertising targets bloggers who are looking for a way to generate revenue from their blog. Advertisers pay to promote their products through select websites, and in return enjoy increased traffic.

Pros: Affordability, potential to increase your list of customers and grow your audience

Cons: Time sensitive, little to no real results.

When to use it: If you’re just starting out and trying to gain brand awareness.

PPV and PPC Similarities and Differences

PPV and PPC are primarily different in the method through which you are charged. PPC costs you when a user clicks on your ads, PPV costs only when viewers come to your website.

PPV takes precedence over PPC in regards to awareness. Users can see your landing page or website via a pop-up ad, which often leads to increased traffic. Additionally, the price rate for PPV is more affordable, somewhere between $0.004 and $0.015 per view.

PPC offers extensive resources to advertisers. This strategy also makes it possible to display your ads on search results right in front of your audience in relation to their search keywords. They also give advertisers greater control over their message, and narrow ads based on geography, culture, and demographics.


Selecting the correct advertising method is critical to your success as an online business. Keep this information front and center to make an educated decision.