List of Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

If you run a business, you need to be using the best tools to compete in 2017.

We’ve all spent a ton of time digging through various web apps, tools, and software so I figured let’s put and end to that right now and show you the best ones. ?

If you’re an entrepreneur or CEO, here’s the best marketing Tools and Web Apps that you should be using.

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I’m not getting paid by the companies for recommending these – you may notice the lack of affiliate links..

This is a collection of my personal unbiased favorites coupled with other sources (Bootstrap Tools, word of mouth, Startup Stash, etc).

Email Outreach

At first, I wasn’t sold on MixMax. After trying out a few competitors, I came running back into their arms.

I recently “un-churned” back about two months ago and…. just wow.

If you’re like me, you’re big on gathering data to conduct A/B tests and optimize everything more, including email scripts.

MixMax is the best software for doing just this.

They pricing can get pretty hefty if you’re on a budget but they have a nice discount for buying it before you trial ends, around $20/month.

I’ve found this to be WELL worth it. The email scheduling is like no other, and here’s the biggest reason for my switch:

After testing multiple email outreach softwares, I’ve found that MixMax actually has some of the highest deliverability rates.

This was a very big factor for using them. I cross-tested about 3 competitors against an email spam test to see if it would ever hit the inbox – MixMax won by a landslide.

I don’t understand the technical aspect as to why their emails get through more but who cares, if I’m spending time reaching out to people, the LAST thing I want is to hit the spam folder.

For this reason, they’re my new favorite.

Plus their sequences are great for sending one-off emails, it automatically adds that email to the data in that sequence, meaning you don’t have to constantly keep doing everything in spreadsheets. It still keeps the open data for that specific sequence.
Vocus allows you to send outreach email in bulk and has an auto-follow up feature with customizable email sequences. Also the interface is sexy.

If you’re thinking this is just another email tracking chrome extension well..

You’re right, sort of.

Of course you have your standard open & click tracking but it really makes Vocus shine is it’s Mail Merge feature.

Out of all the email tracking & sequencers I’ve found, this one has the best interface hands down and is the least buggy.

BASICALLY you can send out emails, track when they’re opened / clicked, and send an auto-follow up reply if the email wasn’t replied to within a set time..

A very powerful tool for cold-outreach emails or staying on top of potential clients.

Email Marketing

The undefeated primate king in email marketing. They have nearly two decade’s worth of polishing and refining to their bulk email platform.

If you’re going to go big, obviously go with MailChimp.

Their customer support, interface, metrics, features and overall email platform is the best.

The price point on MailChimp is a bit higher than it’s competitors but there’s good reason.

They easily walk circles around competitors like SendinBlue & Constant Contact.

If you have the budget, go with MailChimp. You get free emailing to your first 2,000 subscribers free as well. Hard to argue with that.

Email Octopus
Mass email marketing for wayy less. It uses Amazon SES and even has email automation built in (email drip campaigns & automated replies).

Yes.. I know, “WAIT- But what about MailChimp?!”

Well, you probably already are aware of how great they are so here’s an alternative to MailChimp if you’re trying to keep costs down initially.

They deliver emails via Amazon SES (Simple Email Services) and I’ve seen pretty good deliverability rates so far.

Also, you may not need all the various features with MC. They definitely both have their strengths. If you’re going more barebones and are adept with creating automation workflows and know how to use Zapier – you can really get a lot done with Email Octopus.

This email marketing software is definitely worth checking out.

Social Media Marketing

If your business isn’t on Facebook, fix that asap. Buffer’s clean user interface and multi-platform social media scheduling wins everytime. Free to use.

Schedule posts to go out on your Facebook, Google+ (ha), and Instagram all at the same time.

Great for staying on top of your social media marketing without thinking about.

Facebook is starting to wisen up and include social post scheduling in their native platform but maybe it took a company like Buffer to really highlight how big the demand is for this.

Staying consistent on social media, regardless of how many likes or clicks you get, is still relevant in 2017.

Nothing helps you continuously grow your social media traffic organically over time like Buffer.

Remember, it’s not about how many comments are likes you get per post but how much engagement you get as a whole – so keep posting damnit!

Project Management

Don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity. I have been using Trello for years. It’s the best way to manage, well.. everything. Here’s some use cases.

Organizing leads, setting reminders, due dates, attachments, integrations, power-ups, plus a bunch of other cool stuff.

That’s what Trello is in a nutshell.

Basically you can use to to manage any projects you have, personally I have my projects split up into different boards.

For example, you can have a board that automatically spits a new lead card into trello every time someone fills out a contact form on your website.

Every time you talk to that lead, you can store all the details in a comment and set a reminder date.

There’s actually a whole lot you can do with trello and if you’re looking for marketing tools, I think you’ll need this as well if you’re not already an avid user.

Oh! And it’s free. Forgot to mention that. ?

Opt-in Pages & Conversions

The best landing page builder. This one’s pretty obvious but I included it just in case there’s that one person who’s never heard of LeadPages

If you’re hiring some guy on Fiverr to code your landing pages since you can’t do it yourself – Here’s a solution to put an end to that.

For every free offer you’re trying to send traffic to, free cheatsheet download, or sales page, Leadpages is a great alternative to coding your own landing pages by hand.

A landing page is typically where the visitor first lands on your website.

This is often also a single page that you can’t navigate away from unless you opt-in (although Facebook is starting to put a stop to this).

The drag and drop editor in Leadpages not only makes this super easy to understand but saves you SO MUCH TIME

The cost is reasonable for what it’s worth compared to competitors.


Using the crappy ? web software can cost you time ⏰ + money ?

I’ve spent my fair share on software as a service (SaaS) websites to know what to recommend (plus I took some suggestions from reliable sources, mentioned above).

Hopefully you found some useful and new applications to use that will save you money & time (and more importantly frustration, R.I.P. Mittens ).

If you’re a kind soul who took the time to read this far, please reach out and suggest some other topics I should cover.

There are no bad suggestions!

Except for yours David.

If you have any questions or want to contact us, feel free to do so here.

Keep up the hustle,