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Web Design & Development

UI UX Design

User interface / user experience designs are how we always start any web app or web design projects. This allows us to quickly wireframe out web designs / ui designs so that we can get approval from clients on layout. After, we move from wireframe to low fidelity then high fidelity mockups. At this stage, the web app or web design is finalized and prototyped with tools such as InVision.


Web Development

Software development in 2018 is much more modular than ever. There are so many frameworks & platforms that finding the right stack can be intimidating at times. Throughout our experiences, we found javascript frontend frameworks like React & AngularJS to be a powerful toolset. Our backend ranges from Node.js, Python, to Laravel, all of which are useful depending on the project scope. Our goal is to find the perfect technology for your custom projects.


Web Design

Web design is everything you see on a website. We’ll start the web design process with wireframes and high-fidelity mockups in Sketch. Using InVision, we’ll create an interactive mockup for clients to see and leave comments on the web design. After revising the designs to your liking, we’ll move to the frontend (HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery). Any type of animation would be created in Javascript/jQuery after code revisions take place.



Web Design, Down to a Science


Our web design and web development firm was founded out of the need to launch products in weeks not months. The standard web design production process needed modernizing and we've been able to get prototypes out in days of hearing your idea over a free phone consultation. Try us out yourself.

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